Pricing Packages

Based on my experience matured here in Koh Samui with many customers, I prepared 4 Pricing Packages.

Each package has been done according to all my past customer’s average needs. I took in consideration, many factors, type of service, customer’s requests, best offer with benefits and so on.

These Pricing Packages below the results of all these considerations. They should suit most of your needs and even more.

Please keep in mind also the following points:

  • Every single package can be entirely discussed to suit completely your needs.
  • All pictures taken by me will be fully under my copyright. This means that I have the right of: use them at my sole discretion without asking any permit. Please note that if you would like to have the copyright of your pictures, you must add 50% on the price of the chosen package.
  • Time of delivering for a photo session is usually about 3- weeks.
  • Special requests can be arranged at an extra cost.